Authorisation to leave the country compulsory from 15 January 2017 for unaccompanied minors resident in France

From Sunday, 15 January 2017, all minors resident in France, regardless of their nationality, must carry the following documentation when travelling abroad unaccompanied by an adult with parental responsibility, e.g. on a school trip, but also any other visit outside of France, even if of a short duration:

  • their own identity document (national identity card or passport),
  • an authorisation to leave the country signed by a person with parental responsibility, and
  • a photocopy of the identity document of the parent or legal guardian who has signed the authorisation to leave the country.

A passport alone is no longer considered sufficient.

A form for authorisation to leave the country and additional information are available at (in French).

Source: press release from the French Ministry of the Interior dated 16 December 2016


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