New internal purchase requests and activity codes

The online course Procurement of supplies at CERN up to 200 000 CHF. (Image : CERN)

The AIS, Procurement and Accounting teams are launching a new version of the internal purchase request (DAI) form. The new form, which will be available from the middle of January, will be easier to complete as certain fields will be filled in automatically (transport, purchase codes and currency) when a contract is selected, while also ensuring that the information provided is more precise than before. On the whole, the content and interface of the new form are very similar to the current version. However, some fields have been removed (tax, country of distribution, etc.), new ones have been added (conditions of transport, packaging, etc.) and others have been made compulsory (delivery date or deadline).

The activity codes have also been revamped and renamed “purchase codes”. These new codes are the result of extensive work to bring them up to date, involving more than 70 technical experts. They are now better able to target suppliers who can meet CERN’s needs and it will be easier to see the expenditure under each code. A list of the new codes can be found in PDF and Excel format on this page.

The help field on the DAI form (“?”) and the online course Procurement of supplies at CERN up to 200 000 CHF have also been updated to provide more information about the new form and use of the purchase codes.