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Computer security: CERN Secure Password Competition… NOT!

13 Apr 2018 — Our “Secure Password Competition” announced in the last Bulletin was too easily spotted as an April Fools’ gag... Congratulations!

Particle detectors meet canvas

26 Mar 2018 — This year is the European year of cultural heritage, but what does particle physics have to do with art? More than you might think

LHC Report: CERN accelerators back in business

25 Mar 2018 — Despite the tight schedules, all machines were closed in time and first beams will be injected as scheduled

CERN experiment sees hints of a rare kaon decay

24 Mar 2018 — The NA62 experiment has observed a candidate event of an ultra-rare charged kaon decay

Young refugees perform rapid-prototyping at CERN

23 Mar 2018 — Participants enrolled in the “We Start” programme spent a day immersed in technology

Computer security: CERN Secure Password Competition

22 Mar 2018 — We will reward the “best” and “most creative” passwords used at CERN

The end of YETS: awakening from hibernation

12 Mar 2018 — The Year-End Technical Stop drew to a close on 9 March. Read about the LHC plans the last year of Run 2

The PUMA project: Antimatter goes nomad

11 Mar 2018 — A new European project linking ELENA and ISOLDE plans to trap antimatter in order to explore quantum phenomena in radioactive nuclei

Training particle and accelerator scientists of the future

10 Mar 2018 — The Joint Universities Accelerator School in Archamps, France, has celebrated its twenty-fifth birthday

Managing scientific data at the exascale with Rucio

9 Mar 2018 — The first Rucio community workshop, held at CERN, brought together computing experts from several experiments and organisations.

Computer security: Malware, ransomware, doxware and the like

8 Mar 2018 — Your computer and smartphone are the centre of your life and people with malicious intent are seeking to compromise them

The new LHC protectors

27 Feb 2018 — New collimators are being installed and tested in the LHC. They will improve its protection and prepare it for higher luminosity in the HL-LHC

What’s YETS for the experiments?

25 Feb 2018 — What repairs have been made at the experiments during the year-end technical stop

High-level visits to CERN

24 Feb 2018 — CERN welcomed the President of the Republic of Austria, the Governor-General of Australia, and the President of the Republic of Mozambique

New chairs for the Antiproton Decelerator Users Community

24 Feb 2018 — Stefan Ulmer and Chloé Malbrunot are the newly elected chairs of the Antiproton Decelerator Users Community

Female physicists and engineers go back to school

23 Feb 2018 — Female scientists visited 108 local classrooms to mark the International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Computer security: curiosity clicks the link

22 Feb 2018 — Only the curious click the link – and put their digital assets at risk

Alumni interactions left overwhelming tracks at CERN

13 Feb 2018 — The First Collisions event left all participants with fond memories of this unique experience and with a lot of enthusiasm for growth of the network

Building 107: a safe space for chemicals

13 Feb 2018 — The new Building houses equipment for the surface treatment of vacuum equipment and the production of printed circuit boards

Computer security: take it seriously

12 Feb 2018 — In the physical world, we apply many safety measures automatically and repeatedly. How come we are more relaxed in the virtual world?

Annual check-up and upgrades for the injectors

30 Jan 2018 — Maintenance, upgrades and new equipment for the accelerator complex during the year-end technical stop

New permanent ALICE exhibition inaugurated

30 Jan 2018 — Located at ALICE’s experiment site, the exhibition is now open for guided tours

Prime Minister of Estonia visits CERN

25 Jan 2018 — On 24 January, His Excellency Mr Jüri Ratas, Prime Minister of the Republic of Estonia, visited CERN

Using virtual reality to improve safety

24 Jan 2018 — CERN recently carried out its first safety experiment in virtual reality

Computer security: Spectre and Meltdown, just the beginning?

23 Jan 2018 — The beginning of the year has been dominated by two security vulnerabilities, known as Meltdown and Spectre

Works accelerate when the LHC sleeps

16 Jan 2018 — For 14 weeks this winter teams are carrying out maintenance and upgrade work on the LHC

CERN and the HUG – a life-saving partnership

15 Jan 2018 — Since 2015, the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) have had a permanent presence at CERN, improving emergency response in and around the laboratory

CERN History Days: Relaunching the CERN History Project

15 Jan 2018 — Sign up for CERN’s first History Day

Get yourself an ORCID

15 Jan 2018 — ORCID is a unique way to identify yourself, link your publications and more

Computer security: Computing power for professionals… only!

12 Jan 2018 — CERN’s OpenStack service provides you with enormous computing and storage resources to achieve your professional goals


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