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A new power transformer joins CERN’s armada

16 Oct 2018 — After a long voyage, CERN’s newest and biggest power transformer is ready to reign over the BE2 electrical substation

The European Strategy for Particle Physics update is formally launched

16 Oct 2018 — At its September meeting, the CERN Council formally launched the European Strategy for Particle Physics update

LHC Report: A busy end of the proton run

16 Oct 2018 — The final days of the LHC proton physics Run II are here

One enlarged Foundation to broaden CERN’s impact on society

15 Oct 2018 — On 6 June 2018, the CERN & Society Foundation and the Foundation for the Globe of Science and Innovation joined forces to become a single entity

Evolving how we welcome newcomers to CERN

15 Oct 2018 — In 2018, the HR Learning and Development and Talent Acquisition teams initiated a complete review of how we welcome newcomers

A new management for CMS in 2018

15 Oct 2018 — On 1 September 2018, a new spokesperson and two deputies took over at the helm of the CMS experiment

CERN, guest of honour at Ferney-Voltaire Fête de la Science

14 Oct 2018 — On 13 October 2018, CERN was guest of honour of the City of Ferney-Voltaire for the Fête de la Science, organised by the association Pangloss

Ombuds' corner

Ombuds Annual Report

I recently presented the 2017 Ombuds Report to the CERN Management, and then to TREF, and I would like to outline the main points for you here. This report covers the work of my predecessor, Sudeshna Datta Cockerill, during the first ten months of the year, as well as the period from 1 November...

Ombuds by Pierre Gildemyn, 2 Oct 2018

Updates from the clubs

6th committee meeting

YCC Committee meetings, 25 Oct 2018 — CERN, Room C

Finance 101 - Day 1

Finance Club, 31 Oct 2018 — CERN, 14-4-002

Répétitions Pro Musica

Choeur du CERN -- CERN Choir, 3 Nov 2018 to 4 Nov 2018 — CERN, Main Auditorium

Finance 101 - Day 2

Finance Club, 7 Nov 2018 — CERN, 14-4-002

Ballroom Dancing Workshop at the CERN Dancing Club

CERN Dancing Club, 10 Nov 2018 — CDC Ballroom, 566-R-009