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Want to be an Early Adopter? Gadgets provided!

The IT Department is looking for Early Adopters to test Skype for Business – the first 30 people will get a headset


IT regularly introduces major upgrades of the services it provides. Usually those upgrades introduce new features and sometimes completely new tools are offered.

If you would like to be informed about new or upgraded tools and services provided by IT and have a chance to test them even before they are publicly released, then we will be happy to welcome you on board.

We currently offer the possibility to test phone calls and collaboration features of Skype for Business (*). We will give a “Logitech H570e” headset to the first 30 people that agree to switch their office phone (Alcatel) to Skype for Business in the coming few weeks.

Skype for Business is an application that provides:

  • Phone calls
  • Chat
  • Remote desktop sharing
  • Point-to-point video calls

It is especially convenient for people moving around (meetings, business trips, working from home, working from outside the office). But it’s useful also for people working in an office for:

  • Initiating phone calls from a PC, for example from a browser (phonebook.cern.ch), from Outlook etc.
  • Being hands-free during a call
  • Easy way to configure forwarding of calls (also while being out of the office)
  • Getting your own phone number including notifications for missed calls and voice messages (useful for people sharing a phone number)


Join the “Early Adopters” community, state your interest and claim your prize on the channel! Anyone with a CERN account can join the community. Simply join the "Early adopters" channel on the Mattermost portal by following those steps:

  1. Join the "IT-dep" team on Mattermost (you don’t have to work for IT department to join!)
  2. Join the "Early Adopters" channel

(*) Skype for Business lets you activate a CERN fixed phone number on your CERN account. It can be installed on Windows, Mac, mobiles/tablets (Android, iPhone, Windows phone) and the Pidgin application for Linux can also connect to the service. Skype for Business is CERN regular telephony system. All new phone numbers are activated on Skype for Business.