Updates for scientists

A bumper crop of LHC results at Quark Matter 2018

18 May 2018 – The main LHC collaborations present a wealth of new results at this year’s Quark Matter conference

Accelerating news issue 24 now available

22 Mar 2018 – The latest issue focuses on opportunities and research challenges for next-generation accelerators, and accelerator technology education

2018 Asia-Europe-Pacific School of High-Energy Physics

13 Mar 2018 – The fourth Asia-Europe-Pacific School of High-Energy Physics, AEPSHEP2018, is open for applications (deadline 1 April 2018)

International School on Low Energy Antimatter Physics

6 Feb 2018 – An international School on Low Energy Antimatter Physics will be held at CERN between the 25th and the 29th of June 2018.

New APPEC strategy maps future of astroparticle research

9 Jan 2018 – Astroparticle Physics European Consortium (APPEC) launches new strategy to guide research priorities over next decade

First results published from the new NA62

22 Dec 2017 – This first paper improves the limits for heavy neutral lepton production searches in kaon decays

Accelerating News Issue 23 published

15 Dec 2017 – Latest issue of Accelerating news now available

Measuring the heaviest anti-nucleus observed so far

5 Dec 2017 – The ALICE collaboration has released the measurement of the integrated production yield in heavy-ion collisions the anti-alpha particle

First cosmic-ray results from CALET telescope on ISS

28 Nov 2017 – Having docked with the International Space Station (ISS) on 25 August 2015, CALET is carrying out a full science programme

CMS publishes 700th research paper

24 Nov 2017 – A look back at the milestone papers CMS has published since its beginning

Doubly magic nickel from one proton away

24 Nov 2017 – Scientists at CERN’s ISOLDE facility have helped confirm that Nickel-78 is doubly magic by examining its nuclear neighbour, copper-79

ICFA on the prospects for accelerator-based particle physics

10 Nov 2017 – The International Committee for Future Accelerators (ICFA) discussed projects that will safeguard the future of accelerator-based particle physics

ATLAS finds evidence of ttH production

30 Oct 2017 – ATLAS finds evidence of the Higgs boson produced in association with a pair of top quarks

Accelerating News Issue 22 available

26 Oct 2017 – Issue 22 of Accelerating News is now available

Accelerating News issue 21 published

13 Jul 2017 – Issue 21 of Accelerating News is now available

LHCb flavour anomalies continue to intrigue

7 Jun 2017 – Two papers published today in Nature review recent flavour measurements from the LHCb experiment that are at odds with theoretical predictions

ATLAS presents results from LHCp

29 May 2017 – Details from the 2017 LHCp conference held in Shanghai

Looking forward to photon-photon physics

11 Apr 2017 – New projects will be installed and commissioned at ATLAS and CMS to detect photon - photon collisions before the LHC restarts in May this year

A 30-year adventure with heavy ions

6 Apr 2017 – Three decades since the first ultra-relativistic collisions were produced at CERN, the field of heavy-ion physics is still a hot topic

The two-loop explosion

3 Apr 2017 – We are now being taken into the complex realm of higher-order calculations, with an explosion of activity in recent months


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