First observation of CP violation in the decays of B0s meson

The LHCb collaboration has just submitted for publication a paper which sets an important milestone in the history of particle physics. A difference between properties of matter and antimatter, named CP violation by particle physicists, was discovered in 1964 in the decays of neutral K mesons and was rewarded with the 1980 Nobel prize in physics for James Cronin and Val Fitch. M. Kobayashi and T. Maskawa proposed in 1973 a mechanism which could incorporate CP violation within the Standard Model with not less than 6 quarks.

In 2001, CP violation was observed in the decay of so-called beauty particles, the B0 mesons composed an anti-quark b and a quark d. The Standard Model mechanism of CP violation was confirmed and therefore Kobayashi and Maskawa were rewarded with the 2008 Nobel prize in physics. In March 2012 the LHCb Collaboration reported an observation of CP violation in charged B± meson decays into DK±. Today, the LHCb Collaboration has announced an observation of CP violation in the decays of strange beauty particles, the B0s mesons composed of a beauty antiquark b bound with a strange quark s.

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