A complete demonstrator of a muon-cooled Higgs factory

In a talk in the CERN auditorium at 4pm on 14 April, Nobel laureate Carlo Rubbia will review the case for a muon-antimuon (µ+µ-) collider.

The recent discovery of the Higgs boson has renewed interest in building a so-called "second-generation" Higgs factory. Rubbia will describe a µ+µ- collider with an energy of 62.5 GeV and a cooled-muon intensity of about 6 x 1012 muons of each sign, a repetition rate of 15-50 p/s and a luminosity of about 1032 cm-2 s-1 corresponding to about 10,000 Higgs bosons per detector per year.

The next modest step, Rubbia argues, could be the practical realization of an appropriate muon-cooling demonstrator. The operation of a demonstrator could initially be explored and demonstrated using existing muon beams available at a number of accelerators. The ultimate muon-antimuon collider for a Higgs factory could be situated within the existing CERN site or elsewhere.