Accelerating News Issue 15 now available

Dear Accelerating News Readers,


Welcome to issue 15 of Accelerating News. In this edition, we say farewell to Emma who started a new endeavour and welcome on board to Panos from FCC.  

We bring you lots of great stories including:

  • HiLumi LHC transition to the construction phase
  • FCC baseline layout and parameter set
  • 16.2T peak field reached in RMC racetrack test magnet
  • LARP’s HQ03 program completes testing
  • Start of the EuPRAXIA design study on plasma acceleration
  • OMA, the new European training network to fight cancer
  • A new high-power design for the CLIC project
  • “Accelerator on a chip”, an exciting project boosted by private investment

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Best wishes for the holiday season

Accelerating News Editors