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The hunt for the platypus particle

17 Oct 2012 – Hypothetical particles called "leptoquarks" combine traits of leptons and hadrons - just as the platypus combines those of reptilies and mammals

Aspen Center for Physics announces upcoming conferences

25 Sep 2012 – Applications are now open for eight conferences in topics from exoplanets to the Higgs boson

LHC Report: Rocky XIV

10 Sep 2012 – The LHC has been in luminosity production mode for a couple of weeks - the total integrated luminosity for the year has passed 14 inverse femtobarns

ATLAS and CMS publish observations of a new particle

10 Sep 2012 – The collaborations published the latest in the search for the Standard Model Higgs boson in the journal Physics Letters B

MoEDAL looks to the discovery horizon

4 Sep 2012 – CERN's youngest experiment had its first physics workshop in the Globe of Science and Innovation this summer

LHC Report: Timeout is over!

27 Aug 2012 – A 10% decrease in the LHC's peak luminosity can be explained by changing bunch intensities. Jan Uythoven reports

Summer running at the LHC

20 Aug 2012 – The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has delivered over twice as many collisions to the ATLAS and CMS experiments this year as it did in the whole of 2011

Fermilab director steps down

3 Aug 2012 – Pier Oddone, director of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Illinois, announced today that he would be stepping down

Lyn Evans is new Linear Collider director

25 Jul 2012 – Lyn Evans, former Large Hadron Collider project leader, will lead the common effort for the next linear collider as Linear Collider Director

LHC Report: A Roman potpourri

21 Jul 2012 – A mixed bag of operations and the development of special optics mean the LHC is on track for as much luminosity as possible before the long shutdown

LHC Report: Summer temperatures in the LHC

27 Jun 2012 – The LHC has delivered more collisions so far this year than in the whole of 2011 - so many it's overheating the magnets

CERN adopts new intellectual-property access scheme

4 Jun 2012 – The Easy Access IP initiative will make it easier for businesses and entrepreneurs to access CERN intellectual property

LHC Report: First collisions soon

6 Apr 2012 – On 16 March beams in the LHC reached the world-record energy of 4 TeV. Stable-beams mode is planned for 3 weeks from now

Moriond 2012: Conclusions from QCD week

20 Mar 2012 – On the final day of Quantum Chromodynamics week at Moriond, speakers emphasized the possibility of new physics with the LHC at 4TeV

Moriond 2012: Straight to the top

19 Mar 2012 – A variety of new measurements presented at Moriond are helping physicists to close in on the mass of the top quark

LHC report: Beam on

19 Mar 2012 – With powering tests finished, the LHC is being recommisioned to take beams in the first week of April

Moriond 2012: "Dark matter" signal was no cosmic muon

16 Mar 2012 – Theorists refute claim against DAMA/LIBRA

Physics and medicine: a winning alliance

8 Mar 2012 – The medical and physics communities came together at ICTR-PHE 2012 to trade techniques and technologies for the fight against cancer

Moriond 2012: Uncertain signals from the Higgs boson

6 Mar 2012 – Some of the most recent analyses of the Higgs searches were presented yesterday at the Moriond QCD conference


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