Updates for scientists

On Track: The latest news and results for AIDA-2020

1 Jun 2016 – A new bi-annual “On Track” newsletter provides news and results from the AIDA-2020 European project and the wider detector community

CERN launches Physics Beyond Colliders study group

24 May 2016 – CERN invites abstract applications for the workshop, which will investigate how CERN's accelerators can help solve questions of particle physics

The Tevatron legacy: a luminosity story

12 May 2016 – The impact of the Tevatron programme extended beyond what was originally planned

Neutrons in full flight at CERN's nTOF facility

18 Apr 2016 – n_TOF, CERN’s neutron time-of-flight facility, is producing results that are important for nuclear astrophysics and novel nuclear-technology solutions

FCC study holds annual meeting this week

11 Apr 2016 – The second annual meeting of the Future Circular Collider study will take place this week in Rome, Italy

Accelerating News Issue 16 now available

7 Apr 2016 – Issue 16 of Accelerating News, a quarterly publication for the accelerator community, is now available

ESA calls for space science ideas

29 Feb 2016 – ESA are soliciting ideas from the broad scientific community for the competitive selection of new "Science Ideas"

CERN recognized experiment to expand scientific capacity

1 Feb 2016 – Scientists at the CERN-recognized KM3NeT Collaboration have publicly announced KM3NeT 2.0

Registration open for FCC annual meeting

29 Jan 2016 – Registration is now open for the second Annual Meeting of the Future Circular Collider study from 11 to 15 April 2016, in Rome

ATLAS and CMS physics results from Run 2

15 Dec 2015 – The two experiments will present their new results at the 13 TeV energy frontier

Accelerating News Issue 15 now available

26 Nov 2015 – Issue 15 of Accelerating News, a quarterly publication for the accelerator community, is now available

Data Science at the LHC: Watch the workshop

9 Nov 2015 – Watch a range of talks on topics from machine learning to exoplanets this week as part of the ‘Data Science at LHC’ workshop

CERN experiments present results at Quark Matter 2015

2 Oct 2015 – There were presentations from ALICE, CMS, ATLAS and LHCb at the international conference on ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisions this week

Big data takes ROOT

29 Sep 2015 – ROOT, a data-analysis tool set, has helped particle physicists run analyses for years. The developers see a lot of potential for its use in industry

ALICE investigates 'snowballs in hell'

22 Sep 2015 – How is it that loosely bound objects are observed in high-energy nuclear collisions? The ALICE collaboration finds out

Out of the clouds

4 Sep 2015 – The final step of the second scrubbing run has successfully been completed

LHCb on the trail of lepton nonuniversality

1 Sep 2015 – The LHCb experiment has measured decays of B mesons that have shown deviations from the predictions of the Standard Model

ILC collaboration celebrates 10th anniversary

21 Aug 2015 – Ten years ago the global research and development effort for the future International Linear Collider kicked off at a meeting in Snowmass in the US

Lepton-Photon 2015 conference takes place in Ljubljana

14 Aug 2015 – The 27th International Symposium on Lepton-Photon Interactions at High Energies is taking place on 17 – 22 August in Ljubljana, Slovenia

NOvA sees its first oscillating neutrinos

10 Aug 2015 – A new Fermilab experiment sees neutrinos oscillating over an 800 km baseline


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