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European Science Cloud: Open day

26 Jun 2015 – At CERN today, public research organisations and e‐infrastructures will come together with commercial cloud-computing suppliers

Accelerating News Issue 14 now available

25 Jun 2015 – A breakthrough for klystrons, hollow e-lenses, a gender-balance roadmap and more from the June 2015 issue

The Mu2e experiment: a rare opportunity

15 Jun 2015 – A new experiment at Fermilab will look for the neutrinoless transformation of a muon into an electron

CERN openlab open day 10 June

8 Jun 2015 – CERN openlab expanding to include other public research organisations; special event to be held at CERN to mark the occasion

EuroCirCol - A key to new physics

5 Jun 2015 – EuroCirCol, the EC funded part of the FCC study that will develop the conceptual design of an energy-frontier hadron collider, has begun

Chronicles of CMS: the saga of LS1

13 May 2015 – Austin Ball of the CMS collaboration looks back at the vast amount of work done during LS1 and some of the challenges that arose along the way

2015 EPS HEPP prizewinners announced

29 Apr 2015 – The High Energy and Particle Physics (HEPP) Division of the European Physical Society (EPS) has announced the winners of its 2015 prizes

LHC report: Reaching high intensity

27 Apr 2015 – After both beams having been ramped to their full energy of 6.5 TeV, the last two weeks saw the beam commissioning process advancing on many fronts

Long-distance neutrinos

23 Apr 2015 – An international approach for a new 1000 km experiment

Working with quarkonium

22 Apr 2015 – The Quark Working Group highlights unsolved problems, discusses the latest data, and suggests new analyses in quarkonium physics

Accelerating news: Issue 13 now online

17 Apr 2015 – The LHC restart, highlights from FCC week, the first bending magnet of SESAME and more in this spring issue

AMS Days at CERN and latest results from the AMS experiment

15 Apr 2015 – Results from the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) on the International Space Station will be the focus of the three-day “AMS Days at CERN” meeting

A complete demonstrator of a muon-cooled Higgs factory

13 Apr 2015 – At 4pm on 14 April in the CERN auditorium, Carlo Rubbia will review the case for a muon-cooled Higgs factory. Watch the webcast

First measurement of ionization potential of lawrencium

9 Apr 2015 – A team in Japan has used advanced ISOL techniques to measure the energy needed to remove an electron from lawrencium, which lives for only 27 seconds

Register now for the European School of High-Energy Physics

9 Apr 2015 – This year's school will be held in Bulgaria from 2-15 September. Register by 15 May 2015

A successful week for the Future Circular Collider Study

7 Apr 2015 – Some 340 people attended the inaugural FCC conference week in Washington DC to discuss the study status and plans for the future

AMS Days at CERN

7 Apr 2015 – Featuring some 33 talks about latest results and the future of cosmic-ray physics, CERN’s AMS Days will take place from 15-17 April

CERN and Elsevier announce further Open Access agreement

2 Apr 2015 – Articles published by CERN authors in Elsevier Physics journals that are not covered by the SCOAP3 Open Access initiative will now be Open Access

LHC Report: X-rays probe for cause of short circuit

27 Mar 2015 – A short circuit in a superconducting dipole magnet is delaying the beam injection in the LHC. Teams are working around the clock to fix the issue

It's Future Circular Collider week in Washington DC

23 Mar 2015 – This week delegates at the first Annual Meeting of the FCC study will discuss the status of their project to decide on a baseline for further study


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