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ATLAS observes and measures H→WW

15 Oct 2014 – With new precision measurements of the Higgs boson, ATLAS has observed its decay to two W bosons.

Apply for 2015 Latin-American School of High-Energy Physics

10 Oct 2014 – Applications to the 2015 school, which will be held in Ibarra, Ecuador, are open until 14 November

Open Access: there is something you can do…

9 Oct 2014 – As of 2015, 95% of CERN-authored high-energy physics articles will be published Open Access in high-quality peer-reviewed journals

LS1 report: NA62 readies for beam

8 Oct 2014 – On Wednesday, 10 September, the last NA62 straw tracker chamber was lowered into position in the experiment

Accelerating News autumn issue now available online

26 Sep 2014 – Issue 11 of Accelerating News, a quarterly publication for the accelerator community, is now available

CERN and APS announce partnership for Open Access

18 Sep 2014 – A new partnership will make all CERN-authored articles published in the APS journal collection to be Open Access

IAXO: the International Axion Observatory

17 Sep 2014 – A large superconducting magnet could open a new window on the dark universe

Memories of the great adventure of LEP

16 Sep 2014 – Today at CERN, a symposium will highlight the great LEP adventure and will celebrate the 90th birthday of the former CERN DG, Herwig Schopper

LHCb result tightens precision on an important angle

15 Sep 2014 – LHCb has made a significant new contribution to the measurement of the CKM angle γ

LHCb presents latest study of beauty oscillations

9 Sep 2014 – LHCb has a new result on the probability that beauty mesons oscillate into their antimatter counterparts and vice versa

Antimatter research on the starting blocks

9 Sep 2014 – The Antiproton Decelerator (AD) prepares to deliver its first beam of antiprotons to the experiments

SESAME boosts electrons to 800 MeV

5 Sep 2014 – The Booster Synchrotron – a key machine at the SESAME facility in Jordan – is now operating at full design energy

CERN60 webcast : Talk by Philippe Lebrun

2 Sep 2014 – Particle accelerators: Vectors of discovery, engines of development

HiRadMat open for beam time requests

29 Aug 2014 – Applications now open for beam time requests at the HiRadMat facility at CERN SPS

COSY confirms existence of six-quark states

22 Aug 2014 – Experiments have found compelling evidence for a new two-baryon state

Registration for ISOTDAQ 2015 now open

22 Aug 2014 – The International School of Trigger and Data Acquisition will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 28 January

A precise BASE for antiproton studies

18 Aug 2014 – The first direct high-precision measurement of the proton’s magnetic moment sets the stage for BASE

NOvA takes a new look at neutrino oscillations

13 Aug 2014 – Fermilab's new flagship neutrino-oscillation experiment, NOvA, has recorded its first neutrinos

Fifty years of CP violation

5 Aug 2014 – In the summer of 1964, the results of an experiment studying neutral kaons at Brookhaven Laboratory took the particle-physics community by surprise

Deflecting antiprotons: the AEgIS technique

28 Jul 2014 – A paper from the AEgIS collaboration in today's Nature Communications explains an ingenious method for measuring the deflection of antiprotons


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