Intel and CERN openlab team up for developer challenge

CERN openlab is a unique public-private partnership between CERN and leading companies, helping accelerate development of the cutting-edge ICT solutions that make the laboratory’s ground-breaking physics research possible. (Image:Andrew Purcell/CERN)

CERN openlab and Intel are pleased to announce the winners of the Intel® Modern Code Developer Challenge. The announcement was made at ‘SC17’, the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis, in Denver, Colorado, USA. The competition featured students working on exciting challenges within both high-energy physics and other research domains.

Two winners were selected: Elena Orlova, for her work on improving particle-collision simulation algorithms, and Konstantinos Kanellis, for his work on cloud-based biological simulations.

CERN openlab runs a nine-week summer-student programme, with around 40 young researchers selected each year. The students attend a series of lectures, participate in research excursions, and work on ICT projects, gaining hands-on experience with the latest technologies. Together with partner-company Intel, CERN openlab established the Modern Code Developer Challenge. Through this, five of the 2017 summer students were invited to share their work. (Video: Noemi Caraban/CERN)

The two winners were chosen from the highly competitive CERN openlab summer-student programme to take part in the Intel® Modern Code Developer Challenge. This competition showcases the students’ blogs about their projects — all of which make use of Intel technologies or are connected to broader collaborative initiatives between Intel and CERN openlab. You can find additional information about these projects on a dedicated website that also features audio and video interviews.

Find out more about the winners and their projects on the CERN openlab website.