Teacher programmes

CERN offers you the possibility to participate in special programmes for teachers. You will experience the atmosphere of frontier research at the LHC, meet with scientists and teaching colleagues from all over the world, and find new ideas on bringing modern physics into the classroom.

The High School Physics Teacher Programme is a comprehensive international course held in English, aimed at teachers who would like to spend the first three weeks of July at CERN. You can find more information here.

The National Teacher Programmes are held in one of the national languages of CERN Member States. These programmes are also open for teachers from other countries (including non-member states) speaking the same language. Teacher programmes for participants from non-member states can also be organized, but are only held in their national language if competent lecturers speaking this language are available. Click here to find out more about their content, when the next session is planned for your country, to access the agenda, to find archived material of previous sessions and contact information.