The European Strategy for Particle Physics update is formally launched

Eckhard Elsen, 16 Oct 2018 At its September meeting, the CERN Council formally launched the European Strategy for Particle Physics update

Promoting gender equality in theoretical physics

Fabiola Gianotti and Gian Giudice, 3 Oct 2018 The workshop on High Energy Theory and Gender promoted gender diversity in theoretical physics

Mobility at CERN – status and next steps

Martin Steinacher, 18 Sep 2018 Many of you answered the mobility survey. Your answers will help us improve mobility at CERN

Now going live – the Learning Hub at CERN

Doris Forkel-Wirth, James Purvis and Florian Sonnemann, 4 Sep 2018 Learning is good for you, and it’s good for CERN. And it just got easier! So dive into the Learning Hub and sample CERN's rich world of learning

Money talks… and sometimes tells a story

Martin Steinacher, 15 Aug 2018 The new Swiss 200 franc note is particularly valuable because it is inspired by science, and in particular the science of matter: particle physics

CERN’s teacher programmes at 20

Charlotte Lindberg Warakaulle, 24 Jul 2018 The High-School Teacher programme, which involved 46 teachers from 33 countries during 2 weeks in July, celebrated its 20th anniversary

Biking to work? Stay safe!

Doris Forkel-Wirth & Jens Vigen, 11 Jul 2018 The 2018 Bike to Work campaign saw a record number of cyclists from CERN. We hope you will keep on cycling – safely – through the rest of the year

News from the June 2018 CERN Council

The Directorate, 26 Jun 2018 We would like to share with you some of the highlights of the June meetings of the Council and its committees

The high-energy network: one year old and going strong

Laure Esteveny, 12 Jun 2018 One year after its creation, the CERN Alumni network has 3100 members from more than 80 countries and is still growing

A few minutes to save yourself hours

Martin Steinacher, 29 May 2018 Mobility concerns us all. To find out just how much, the Mobility Working Group is launching a two-part survey


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