Important milestones for the LHC and for integrity

Rolf Heuer, 16 Apr 2015 The major news this week is, of course, the start of LHC Run 2

The slings and arrows of LHC restart schedules

Rolf Heuer, 30 Mar 2015 Against a backdrop of great progress in the powering tests for running at 6.5 TeV, a short cicuit is causing a delay, writes Rolf Heuer

A report from Council

Rolf Heuer, 20 Mar 2015 The success of the LS1, the restart of accelerators and the impact of the high value of the Swiss franc were discussed during CERN Council meeting.

Keeping HL-LHC accountable

Rolf Heuer, 20 Mar 2015 This week saw the cost and schedule of the High Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC) and LHC Injectors Upgrade (LIU) projects come under close scrutiny

Proposed cuts to Horizon 2020 are short-sighted

Rolf Heuer, 3 Mar 2015 Invest on sustaining the intellectual bridges that Europe has painstakingly put in place, says CERN Director-General Rolf Heuer

Seeing is believing

Lucio Rossi, 24 Feb 2015 Lucio Rossi reflects on how particle accelerators extend our sense of sight

Helping CERN to benefit society

Anne Richards, 2 Feb 2015 Anne Richards describes the thinking behind a new foundation that is spreading CERN’s spirit of scientific curiosity

Science for Good: Governance is the Key

Rolf Heuer, 23 Jan 2015 Incorporating sound scientific advice into governance structures is of of vital importance, says Rolf Heuer

The SESAME laboratory: celebrating the power of light 

Rolf Heuer, 16 Jan 2015 Rolf Heuer on the project to build a synchrotron light source in the Middle East

60 more years of science for peace: carrying the message forward

Rolf Heuer, 19 Dec 2014 We can safely say that we’ve been successful in delivering the message of science for peace this year, says CERN Director-General Rolf Heuer


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