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Seven secrets to ensure a successful and healthy working life

Efficiency and kindness at work: CERN is launching a campaign as part of the Work Well Feel Well initiative


It has been a little over two years since we launched the Work Well Feel Well initiative at CERN. This year we have a lot of activity planned in the form of a 12-point campaign to boost awareness of mental health issues in the workplace. Within the overall theme of combining efficiency with kindness at work, the campaign will run for two years, and kick off with a presentation on 5 March entitled: “Seven secrets to engage without becoming overwhelmed”.

The campaign aims to promote a culture of mental wellbeing in the Organization by raising awareness among the CERN population of the issues, danger signals and triggers that can lead to burnout, and how to spot them before it is too late. Over recent years, burnout and absenteeism have been on the rise generally in the global workforce, and experience has led to the conclusion that self-awareness is the key to prevention. We are all different, and all of us react in different ways to different situations that may incur workplace stress. Knowing our individual limits, and understanding how to recognise danger signals in our colleagues and supervisees, is the key to staying healthy.

So what are the secrets to getting the most out of work without it becoming overwhelming? The Work Well Feel Well team has joined up with the Clinique du Travail, a multidisciplinary team of specialists in workplace health, to let us know. Come to the presentation on 5 March at 2.00 p.m. in the Council Chamber to find out more...

[ Addendum, 2 March 2020: please note that this presentation has been postponed until further notice. ]

The presentation will be in French with simultaneous translation into English.