ICTP celebrates 50 years

Rolf Heuer, 20 Oct 2014 Rolf Heuer took part in the first day of a four-day scientific celebration in which the true value of ICTP came to the fore

The opportunity to guest edit Le Temps

Rolf Heuer, 3 Oct 2014 Editorial, as guest editor of the Saturday 27 September issue of Switzerland’s French-language newspaper Le Temps

Thoughts on CERN’s future

José Mariano Gago, 25 Sep 2014 A science-policy contribution to the debate, by physicist and former science minister, José Mariano Gago

Social: a new communication channel for CERN people

Bruno Silva De Sousa, 22 Sep 2014 Social.cern.ch is a social-networking platform like Facebook or Twitter but tailored for CERN people, says Bruno Silva De Sousa

A shining light in the Middle East

Chris Llewellyn Smith, 1 Sep 2014 SESAME needs external top-down help and encouragement to ensure timely completion, says Chris Llewellyn Smith

Safety on our roads

Rolf Heuer, 27 Aug 2014 New “traffic-calming” measures have been set up near Restaurant 2, to encourage drivers to slow down to safe speeds

Getting to know international Geneva

Rolf Heuer, 4 Aug 2014 Over recent years, CERN has been tightening its links with fellow organisations in Geneva’s vibrant international community

The strength of worldwide collaboration

Peter Jenni, 30 Jul 2014 Physicists from across the globe bring a welcome richness to the LHC experiments, says former ATLAS spokesperson Peter Jenni

Taking SESAME to the classroom

Rolf Heuer, 30 Jul 2014 The 2014 High School Teacher Programme (HST) is well under way, and this year it has a distinct Middle Eastern flavour, says Rolf Heuer

Latin America comes to CERN

Luciano Maiani, 15 Jul 2014 Luciano Maiani on forging new links between Europe and the New World


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