Getting to know international Geneva

Rolf Heuer, 4 Aug 2014 Over recent years, CERN has been tightening its links with fellow organisations in Geneva’s vibrant international community

The strength of worldwide collaboration

Peter Jenni, 30 Jul 2014 Physicists from across the globe bring a welcome richness to the LHC experiments, says former ATLAS spokesperson Peter Jenni

Taking SESAME to the classroom

Rolf Heuer, 30 Jul 2014 The 2014 High School Teacher Programme (HST) is well under way, and this year it has a distinct Middle Eastern flavour, says Rolf Heuer

Latin America comes to CERN

Luciano Maiani, 15 Jul 2014 Luciano Maiani on forging new links between Europe and the New World

Accelerating innovation…in medicine

Steve Myers, 8 Jul 2014 An upcoming series of seminars will highlight the potential of particle-phyics research for applications in medicine, says Steve Myers

Celebrating science for peace

Rolf Heuer, 7 Jul 2014 These last two weeks have underlined the significance of our 60th anniversary slogan: science for peace

A report from Council

Rolf Heuer, 23 Jun 2014 Next year’s budget, the MTP, CERN enlargement, and the pension fund: the June meeting of Council was a busy one, says Rolf Heuer

Zero tolerance to fraud at CERN

Rolf Heuer, 10 Jun 2014 CERN has a very clear policy on fraud: prevention, those reporting it are protected from recrimination, and zero-tolerance should fraud be uncovered

Who invented quarks?

Álvaro de Rújula, 30 May 2014 The official story is demonstrably wrong, says CERN theorist Álvaro de Rújula

USA lays out strategic vision for particle physics

Rolf Heuer, 23 May 2014 The Particle Physics Project Prioritisation Panel is the US equivalent of the European Strategy update


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