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Stay safe on the roads


Next month, hundreds of CERNois will join the Bike2Work campaign with the aim of doing at least 50% of their commutes by bicycle or other green transport during the months of May and June. In addition, during the summer months the number of CERN cyclists always goes up, with summer students and associates coming from all over the world. Cycling is fun, it’s healthy and it’s good for the planet, but the increasing numbers of cyclists face an increasing density of motor traffic, particularly during rush hours. All of this adds up to a potential source of accidents on the roads – most of which could easily be avoided.

As Bike2Work gets underway, it’s important for all of us to think about road safety. Whether we’re cyclists, motor vehicle users or pedestrians, we all have a role to play in keeping safe. The analysis of traffic accidents shows that the most common causes are lack of attention or lack of respect for other road users.

Much road safety comes down to common sense and mutual respect. If you’re a driver, give cyclists space. If you’re a cyclist, make sure you’re visible, don’t sneak into drivers’ blind spots, and always wear a helmet. And whether pedestrian, cyclist or motor vehicle user just be sensible, for example always respect other road users priority at junctions and crossings. All of this really is common sense and common courtesy, but it’s worth remembering that much of it is also law.

There’s a wealth of online information available on road safety, and there’s an online course in the CERN Learning Management System on safety for cyclists. Stay safe - take the time to read the safety guidance, and if you’re biking, follow the course.