Updates for CERN people

Complete makeover of the East Area

12 Jun 2018 — Major renovation work will reduce energy consumption and improve the reliability and safety of the experiment hall

LHC Report: Standing strong through the storms

12 Jun 2018 — As I write this report, the integrated luminosity counter for ATLAS and CMS is at 23.1 fb-1, exceeding our goal of around 18 fb-1

ECSITEment reigns at CERN’s exhibitions

12 Jun 2018 — Museum directors and science outreach experts visited CERN on the occasion of the annual ECSITE meeting

Computer security: Smile, you’re on camera…

12 Jun 2018 — What do some webcams, cameras, video-conferencing cameras, control devices and Internet-of-Things devices connected to CERN networks have in common?

World’s first crabbing of a proton beam

29 May 2018 — CERN successfully tests crab cavities, a key component of the High-Luminosity LHC

LHC Report: Running towards a production break

29 May 2018 — The LHC is in full production mode with 2556 bunches per beam and has already successfully provided 14.6 fb-1 to each of ATLAS and CMS

A different perspective of CERN

29 May 2018 — Discover the new aerial photos of CERN taken by drone at gis.cern.ch. You’ll be amazed by the level of detail

Defining technology for tomorrow’s experiments

29 May 2018 — More than 450 physicists and engineers took part in the first workshop to define CERN’s experimental programme from 2020 onwards

Mobility: we need your help!

29 May 2018 — By responding to a survey about how you travel to, from and around CERN, you will help new mobility proposals to be drawn up

Computer security: Another way of making money with ads

29 May 2018 — One major source of revenue on the Internet is advertisements. Interestingly, not only honest companies have embarked on online advertising...

X-rays see all

16 May 2018 — Don’t miss the metrology laboratory’s open day on 6 June when its state-of-the-art tomograph will be on display

LHC Report: The LHC is full!

15 May 2018 — On 5 May, the last step in the intensity ramp-up process was completed, ten days ahead of schedule. The LHC is now filled with 2556 bunches per beam

Much less plastic? That’s fantastic!

15 May 2018 — From 28 May 2018, plastic cups will no longer be used in CERN’s restaurants

Journalist visiting? Contact the Press Office

15 May 2018 — Around 500 to 1000 people from the media visit CERN every year, and the Press Office organises bespoke visits for them.

Computer security: Rules: what’s allowed and what isn’t

15 May 2018 — The CERN Computing Rules govern the usage of CERN’s computing facilities, CERN’s wired and wireless networks including all devices connected to them

Discussing future colliders at FCC Week 2018

2 May 2018 — Some 500 scientists from 147 institutes met in Amsterdam for the 2018 Future Circular Collider (FCC) week from 9 to 13 April

LHC Report: Collisions and spring cleaning at the LHC

2 May 2018 — On 28 April 2018, 13 days ahead of schedule, the operators of the LHC successfully injected 1200 bunches of protons into the machine and collided them

CERN takes to the saddle

30 Apr 2018 — CERN doesn’t just accelerate particles... it also accelerates people!

Call for input to the European Strategy update

27 Apr 2018 — The European Strategy for Particle Physics, which is due to be updated by May 2020, will guide the direction of the field to the mid-2020s and beyond

Hacking solutions to MedTech challenges

25 Apr 2018 — The very first CERN Medical Technology Hackathon – MedTech:Hack – was held at IdeaSquare from 6 to 9 April

Crabs settled in the tunnel

25 Apr 2018 — After several years of preparatory work, the first crab cavity prototypes have been installed in the SPS tunnel and are ready for testing

Computer Security: A free click for your awareness

25 Apr 2018 — After our Bulletin article entitled “Curiosity clicks the link” at the end of February, our annual “clicking campaign” followed on one month later

A new era of precision for antimatter research

13 Apr 2018 — The ALPHA experiment at CERN has measured a light-induced transition in antihydrogen with unprecedented precision

LHC Report: Progressing well following a “Good” Friday

13 Apr 2018 — The 2018 proton season has started well ahead of schedule

Improving the quality of working life at CERN

13 Apr 2018 — CERN has decided to fight stress, which can have negative health effects

Happy 25th birthday, ALICE!

13 Apr 2018 — A well-attended jubilee event, held at CERN on 21 March, celebrated 25 years of the ALICE collaboration

Young researchers become innovators

13 Apr 2018 — CERN researchers demonstrate entrepreneurial potential during the HL-LHC and FCC Innovation Course

Inspiring tomorrow’s coders

13 Apr 2018 — A Django Girls workshop that took place at CERN recently gave several girls and women their first taste of coding

For Women in Science international rising talents visit CERN

13 Apr 2018 — L’Oréal-UNESCO "For Women in Science" international rising talents met Fabiola Gianotti during their visit to CERN

Ready to get mould on your walls?

13 Apr 2018 — VolMeur Collection: when inappropriate storage conditions of LEP photo slides generate art


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