Updates for CERN people

A new power transformer joins CERN’s armada

16 Oct 2018 — After a long voyage, CERN’s newest and biggest power transformer is ready to reign over the BE2 electrical substation

LHC Report: A busy end of the proton run

16 Oct 2018 — The final days of the LHC proton physics Run II are here

One enlarged Foundation to broaden CERN’s impact on society

15 Oct 2018 — On 6 June 2018, the CERN & Society Foundation and the Foundation for the Globe of Science and Innovation joined forces to become a single entity

Evolving how we welcome newcomers to CERN

15 Oct 2018 — In 2018, the HR Learning and Development and Talent Acquisition teams initiated a complete review of how we welcome newcomers

A new management for CMS in 2018

15 Oct 2018 — On 1 September 2018, a new spokesperson and two deputies took over at the helm of the CMS experiment

CERN, guest of honour at Ferney-Voltaire Fête de la Science

14 Oct 2018 — On 13 October 2018, CERN was guest of honour of the City of Ferney-Voltaire for the Fête de la Science, organised by the association Pangloss

Computer Security: Linux: Windows revisited

13 Oct 2018 — Linux and MacOS folks: do as the Windows people do. Be diligent when receiving unsolicited e-mails with weird attachments

A new address for CERN

2 Oct 2018 — Thousands of visitors rushed onto the newly inaugurated Esplanade des Particules for Researchers' Night

LHC Report: A smooth recovery and a special physics run?

2 Oct 2018 — The intensive MD programme finished on 17 September, signalling the start of a five-day technical stop, the last long technical stop before LS2

Big Data is good for physicists, who are good for Big Data

2 Oct 2018 — The CERN Alumni event “Moving out of Academia to… Big Data” helped participants prepare for a career move to the field of Big Data

At the heart of Democracy

2 Oct 2018 — For the first time science, and CERN, will be the focus of the Inter Parliamentary Union General Assembly

Addressing recognition in large collaborations

1 Oct 2018 — ECFA has launched a survey to learn how the achievements of individual researchers are recognised in collaborations

Don’t be afraid of the elephant in the room

1 Oct 2018 — The next TEDxCERN event will be held at Bâtiment des Forces Motrices in Geneva on 20 November

New online procurement platform for CERN suppliers

1 Oct 2018 — The CERN Procurement Service, in collaboration with the FAP Department, is launching a new e-Procurement platform

CERN presents the High-Luminosity LHC to its neighbours

28 Sep 2018 — A series of public meetings is being held in the towns and villages around CERN: why not invite your neighbours?

Computer security: Protect your family

27 Sep 2018 — Protect yourself and your family! Protect your private life! And once you have done that, protect your professional life and your CERN devices, too!

Submit your project to the CERN Knowledge Transfer Fund

18 Sep 2018 — Do you work for CERN and have a project with potential positive impact on society? Apply for funding from the CERN KT Fund before 12 November

LHC Report: The final days of Run 2

18 Sep 2018 — At the end of October, the last protons for Run 2 will circulate inside the LHC. The next protons will be injected only in the spring of 2021!

Getting mobility on the right track

18 Sep 2018 — 4,300 of you have taken part in the mobility survey. Your answers will help proposals to be developed over the coming months

Serbia visits CERN

18 Sep 2018 — On 11 September, CERN received a visit from Ana Brnabić, Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia

Register for LHCreate to bring CERN to the classroom

17 Sep 2018 — This year, IdeaSquare will welcome LHCreate’s fourth edition on 18 and 19 October. Everyone at CERN is warmly invited to take part.

Enjoy science at Researchers’ Night at CERN

17 Sep 2018 — Invite your friends and neighbours to take part in Researchers’ Night at CERN - a fun and free event

CERN at the WOMAD: The World’s Festival

17 Sep 2018 — In July 2018, CERN took part in the WOMAD Festival near Bristol in the UK

Computer Security: The easy way to lose passwords

11 Sep 2018 — Following up on some questions we received concerning our last Bulletin article, let us expand on the easiest way to lose your CERN password…

Success for AWAKE

4 Sep 2018 — The experiment successfully accelerated electrons with plasma wakefields generated by protons, a world first

LHC Report: 48 fb-1 and counting

4 Sep 2018 — Since the recovery from the recent machine development period, the LHC has been in luminosity production mode, crawling its way up towards 60 fb-1

Decay of Higgs boson into bottom quarks observed

30 Aug 2018 — ATLAS and CMS have announced that they have observed this very-difficult-to-spot decay mode

Computer Security: An old scam in a new disguise

29 Aug 2018 — Money has always been a catalyst for greed and malice. Blackmail is one way to extort money from the innocent and has existed since ancient times


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