CERN: ideal for entrepreneurship, for those who take a leap

Entrepreneurship students brainstorming potential applications for CERN technologies during the NTNU Screening Week in 2016. (Image: Sophia Elizabeth Bennett/CERN)

A hub for top-notch scientists, engineers and professionals from all corners of the world, CERN is an ideal place to explore and get started new business ideas, to discover exciting technologies and to build a skilled, diverse start-up team. Creating platforms where people can meet is an important part of facilitating entrepreneurship here at CERN, and through initiatives such as THE Port, Challenge Based Innovation (CBI), the Entrepreneurship Meet-ups and the Knowledge Transfer seminars, future change-makers meet and opportunities are created.

Many incredible start-ups have already been founded thanks to those initiatives. Read about them here. 

Find out even more in this webcast from the last Knowledge Transfer seminar: “From CERN to Entrepreneurship: we don’t know what we don’t know” by Piero Zucchelli, CEO of Andrew Alliance.