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CERN meets the public

10 Oct 2017 — Many visitors (re)discovered CERN at Researchers' Night and the United Nations Office in Geneva Open Day

How can superconductors contribute for a greener future?

10 Oct 2017 — An international group of students found new applications of superconductors during the Superconductor Hackathon at CERN

Servers to SESAME

9 Oct 2017 — Donation of servers to SESAME marks the thirteenth donation of CERN computing equipment

Key milestones reached for the new campus-wide Wi-Fi service

9 Oct 2017 — State-of-the-art Wi-Fi coverage is now available in key buildings including – finally – a simple “visitor” Wi-Fi service

Computer Security: Virtual Misconduct – Real Consequences

9 Oct 2017 — “Academic” and “freedom” do not imply “devoid of rules”

CERN and the HUG team up for a rescue exercise

28 Sep 2017 — CERN and the HUG combined their efforts in an accident simulation

Crab cavities get into their shells

26 Sep 2017 — The two crab cavities have been put in their helium vessels and are currently being installed in their cryostat

LHC Report: colliding at an angle

26 Sep 2017 — Why the LHC beams must cross at an angle, and how the angles can be optimised for the best performance

25 years of the Internet Society

26 Sep 2017 — As part of the programme of the Internet Society annual member meeting, a live panel was hosted by CERN at the Globe of Science and Innovation

CERN School of Computing 2017: a successful 40th edition

25 Sep 2017 — Since 1970, the CERN School of Computing has trained more than 2600 participants from 80 countries in scientific computing

The SCINT conference celebrates its 25th anniversary

25 Sep 2017 — The SCINT 2017 conference on scintillation and its applications took place between 18 and 22 September

Computer Security: Brain Power vs. Password Managers 

22 Sep 2017 — Your passwords deserve the same care and attention as your car and house keys, your credit cards or your Smartphone

The Glassbox reopens

22 Sep 2017 — The restaurant area for official lunches and dinners has been renovated to create an elegant and high-tech setting

Superconductors take centre stage

12 Sep 2017 — Superconductors are the primary focus of next week’s major EUCAS 2017 conference, which will also include events aimed at the general public

LHC Report: operation with holes

12 Sep 2017 — Frozen particles of gas falling from the LHC’s vacuum chambers into the beam could possibly be the explanation for the recent beam losses

Computer Security: trips and travel: some recommendations

11 Sep 2017 — Autumn conference season is fast approaching. Have you ever thought about how best to secure your laptop and smartphone while travelling?

How can machine learning improve vaccine production?

6 Sep 2017 — Experts from CERN have shared their expertise on machine learning with Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines business unit of Sanofi

GBAR’s antiproton decelerator installed

30 Aug 2017 — With the connection between ELENA and GBAR already in place, the commissioning of the decelerator with antiprotons is about to begin

LHC report: Something in the nothing

29 Aug 2017 — Recent CERN Control Centre (CCC) meetings have been dominated by "16L2"

HL-LHC short-model magnets tests are going full speed ahead

29 Aug 2017 — During the summer, the third of a series of short, 1.5-metre-long magnet models for the HL-LHC project was successfully tested

Diversifying the Conversation

29 Aug 2017 — Learn more, think more and talk more about gender diversity in tech at our upcoming film screening and light lunch

Computer Security: Hardball for attackers

29 Aug 2017 — Successful cyberattacks always start with the compromise of a PC

LHCb gets ready for a SciFi upgrade

24 Aug 2017 — The first 20 modules of a new scintillating fibre tracker have been delivered as early elements of the LHCb detector upgrade

The microscope that digs deep for answers

8 Aug 2017 — An elaborate nano-workstation for 3D imaging at CERN gives insights into what lies beneath the surface of materials

LHC Report: back on track

8 Aug 2017 — A new peak luminosity record for the LHC has been established (despite some unexpected loss issues)

Inauguration of the second CERN Network Hub

8 Aug 2017 — The second CERN Network Hub, inaugurated on 19 July 2017, will ensure continuity of IT services in case of a major incident in the CERN data centre

Comp. Security: The Internet of Things: the walls have ears

8 Aug 2017 — IoT devices cannot be expected to be secure

Hardronic 2017: a success

4 Aug 2017 — The 26th edition of the Hardronic Festival has been yet another great success for many reasons

Potato Powered Cosmos

4 Aug 2017 — What does a potato-powered theremin have to do with the work done at CERN?

A new acceleration system for the PS Booster

18 Jul 2017 — The first of the 28 radio-frequency cavities for the PS Booster’s new acceleration system is ready


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