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News from Council

19 Jun 2017 — I would like to share with you some of the highlights of this week’s meetings of the Council and its committees

Two presidential visits to CERN

17 Jun 2017 — On 16 June, CERN welcomed the President of the Republic of Mauritius and the President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal

Discover the hidden treasures of CERN’s archive

8 Jun 2017 — 9 June is International Archives Day, an opportunity to browse CERN’s rich archive

Enriching CERN’s heritage object collection

7 Jun 2017 — Around 200 pieces of unique historic importance form CERN’s scientific heritage object collection. It is time to update and enrich it

Birth of the high-energy network

7 Jun 2017 — The CERN Alumni Programme will offer unique networking opportunities for all its members

LHC Report: Moving Fast Forward

7 Jun 2017 — After declaring stable beams, now it’s the period of scrubbing and intensity ramp-up, until 2556 bunches per beam will circulate in the machine

ARIES project kicks off at CERN

6 Jun 2017 — The Horizon 2020 project “Accelerator Research and Innovation for European Science and Society” (ARIES) officially began on 1 May 2017

Computer Security: improve your code with Gitlab CI

6 Jun 2017 — For the sake of software quality, the IT department provides you and your clients with a few simple tools to save precious time and cerebral pain

How will SuShi protect the FCC?

1 Jun 2017 — A new shield septum magnet is being developed to protect the FCC machine from the beam’s extremely high energy

Here’s to a long life for Linac 4!

23 May 2017 — Ten years after it was approved, CERN’s new accelerator is officially inaugurated

LHC Report: setting up for the next season

23 May 2017 — The first collisions with stable beams were delivered to the LHC experiments on 23 May, after three weeks of commissioning with beams

CERN and French space agency CNES start R&D collaborations

23 May 2017 — CERN and the French space agency, CNES, signed an agreement to collaborate on aerospace projects, from big data solutions to satellites

ESA astronauts visit CERN

23 May 2017 — An out-of-this world visit took place at CERN on 12 May

CERN besieged at Royaume du Web

22 May 2017 — CERN attended the Royaume du Web event at Palexpo, a festival that gathered 10 500 YouTube enthusiasts

Who now runs the (programming) world? ICT Girls

22 May 2017 — Girls in ICT Day confirmed what we already knew: girls and women are much needed in the information and communication technologies field

Women in science: breaking the cliché

19 May 2017 — Fabiola Gianotti took part in a panel discussion about the role of women in science

Comp. Security: “WannaCry”? The importance of being patched

19 May 2017 — Mid-May has seen a big weekend for the cyber-threat landscape, as "WannaCry" came onto the scene with a bang

CERN CASTs new limits on dark matter

8 May 2017 — The CAST experiment at CERN announces new limits on the properties of axions, exotic particles that are candidates for dark matter

LHC Report: gearing up the LHC for physics

8 May 2017 — On Saturday, 29 April, two days ahead of schedule, beams were circulating again in the LHC

Behind the scenes of the SPS’s 40th birthday

8 May 2017 — The Super Proton Synchrotron is 40 years old. The CERN Archives brought to light delightful off-stage scenes of the Organization’s history

Spectral imaging: from CERN to medical technologies

7 May 2017 — Spectral imaging is an emerging technology in the medical field allowing colour imaging during CT scans. Exciting – but how is it related to CERN?

CERN wins award for pioneering communications

7 May 2017 — CERN received the 2017 Award for Contribution to Science Communication to CERN from he Czech Republic’s Academia Film Olomouc

Co-creating Humanitarian Foresight and Futures

6 May 2017 — Call for interest in the next edition of the Humanitarian Foresight & Futures Co-creation

Computer Security: an attack for more security

6 May 2017 — Computer security is a moving target and defensive measures need continual adaptations and adjustments

The African School of Physics: a springboard for the future

5 May 2017 — We met some of alumni of the African School of Physics alumni, who are now working at CERN

CERN Roadshow in Finland

5 May 2017 — CERN establishes deeper relations with Finland during a day-long event in Otaniemi

New ALICE results show novel phenomena in proton collisions

5 May 2017 — Published in Nature Physics ALICE reports proton collisions sometimes present similar patterns to those observed in the collisions of heavy nuclei

CERN is keeping its ear to the ground

25 Apr 2017 — CERN has set up three seismic monitoring stations to listen to the earth’s vibrations and their impact on the LHC

LHC Report: (em)powering the LHC

25 Apr 2017 — The powering tests of the LHC circuits are a big part of the machine re-commissioning: almost 1600 circuits have to be tested in just few weeks

ALICE’s wonders reach out to kids in Prévessin

25 Apr 2017 — In March, a primary school named “ALICE” was inaugurated in Prévessin-Moëns. The name was chosen as a tribute to the ALICE experiment at CERN.


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