Updates for CERN people

Computer Security: an attack for more security

6 May 2017 — Computer security is a moving target and defensive measures need continual adaptations and adjustments

The African School of Physics: a springboard for the future

5 May 2017 — We met some of alumni of the African School of Physics alumni, who are now working at CERN

CERN Roadshow in Finland

5 May 2017 — CERN establishes deeper relations with Finland during a day-long event in Otaniemi

New ALICE results show novel phenomena in proton collisions

5 May 2017 — Published in Nature Physics ALICE reports proton collisions sometimes present similar patterns to those observed in the collisions of heavy nuclei

CERN is keeping its ear to the ground

25 Apr 2017 — CERN has set up three seismic monitoring stations to listen to the earth’s vibrations and their impact on the LHC

LHC Report: (em)powering the LHC

25 Apr 2017 — The powering tests of the LHC circuits are a big part of the machine re-commissioning: almost 1600 circuits have to be tested in just few weeks

ALICE’s wonders reach out to kids in Prévessin

25 Apr 2017 — In March, a primary school named “ALICE” was inaugurated in Prévessin-Moëns. The name was chosen as a tribute to the ALICE experiment at CERN.

Computer Security: The Higgs does not... send mail!

24 Apr 2017 — “The Higgs boson does not exist!” stated an e-mail recently sent to many of our colleagues...

Django Girls – Let the coding begin

21 Apr 2017 — Who would ever think of spending a full Saturday indoors, coding for several hours? Highly motivated Django Girls participants!

Say more with CERN “emojis”

21 Apr 2017 — CERN releases a first set of virtual stickers

The Esplanade des Particules in Meyrin

10 Apr 2017 — The Etat de Genève, CERN and the Commune de Meyrin announce the start of work on the Esplanade des Particules in Meyrin

LHC Report: getting ready to restart

10 Apr 2017 — Almost ready: the LHC and its injectors are starting up one after the other

The Technical Infrastructure team never sleeps

10 Apr 2017 — What is a good measure of the activity of the Technical Infrastructure team? The number of phone calls

Sir Tim Berners-Lee receives A.M. Turing Award

10 Apr 2017 — The award is often referred to as the "Nobel Prize" of computing

Computer Security: One click and BOOM… (Reloaded)

10 Apr 2017 — Browsing the World Wide Web is not as easy as it seems…

CERN at G3iD: tackling UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

10 Apr 2017 — CERN participated in the Geneva Global Goals innovation Day to engage with the public and show CERN tackles UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

CAS Beam Injection, Extraction and Transfer in Erice, Sicily

7 Apr 2017 — The CERN Accelerator School (CAS) organised a specialised course on Beam Injection, Extraction and Transfer in Erice, Sicily from 10 to 19 March 2017

A wealth of precise new results at Moriond

6 Apr 2017 — At the 52nd Rencontres de Moriond conference CERN collaborations presented many new results, including their first ones with the full 13 TeV dataset

First tests of crab cavities promise a luminous future

29 Mar 2017 — The crab cavities, a key component for the HL-LHC luminosity increase, show remarkable first test results

EYETS report: a cool preparation for the LHC

28 Mar 2017 — The re-filling of the arcs with liquid helium started last week, and the LHC is gradually being prepared for electrical tests at the end of the month

Help us build a better CERN website

28 Mar 2017 — Take a short survey to help us to improve CERN’s home website

Computer Security: Stepping Up in User Education

28 Mar 2017 — We would now like to step up a level and introduce haptic feedback for unsecure user actions

New arrivals - March 2017

27 Mar 2017 — On Tuesday 21 March 2017, recently-recruited staff members and fellows participated in a session in the framework of the Induction Programme

CERN: ideal for entrepreneurship, for those who take a leap

25 Mar 2017 — Are you interested in entrepreneurship? CERN is an ideal place to explore and nurture new business ideas

Hidden Figures into the light

22 Mar 2017 — At a time when Hollywood rarely praises female scientists as heroes, an unusual film was released: Hidden Figures

CMS pixel tracker transplant: everything went well so far

13 Mar 2017 — At the beginning of March, the CMS collaboration installed an important part of its detector: its second-generation Pixel Tracker

EYETS Report: 2017, a busy year ahead for the accelerators

13 Mar 2017 — As part of the EYETS activities, the Linac3 ion source was converted to a xenon ion source

Paving the way for a new antimatter experiment

13 Mar 2017 — The GBAR experiment will create antihydrogen ions at rest to study the action of gravity upon antimatter

New Management at the ATLAS Experiment

13 Mar 2017 — Dave Charlton passes the baton to new ATLAS Spokesperson Karl Jakobs

Chamonix event prepares for LHC’s future

13 Mar 2017 — A review of LHC operation and system performance at the annual LHC performance workshop in Chamonix, France


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