17 Jul/24
14:00 - 17:00 (Europe/Zurich)

ROOT Summer Student Workshop


13/2-005 at CERN

ROOT is a framework for data analysis, storage and visualization. It is widely used in High Energy Physics and other disciplines.

This course combines lectures and hands on exercises. You will learn all the basic concepts and tools that ROOT provides.

Link to the course:

Instructions to be read carefully

Please note that all participants must bring their own laptop to the workshop. You will be using ROOT via the CERN SWAN, CERN's Jupyter Notebook service.

Requirements to access SWAN:


Please note that we have 50 places for this session. Please register! Once it's full, check the registration regularly in case of cancellations. 

Once registered, please fill in the pre-workshop survey (it will only take 2mins) before the workshop starts.

Join the mattermost channel

We have created a mattermost channel to ease communication during and after the course: