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CERN campus network upgrade: occasional wired internet connection interruptions to be expected in the coming months

From now until the end of 2022, these wired internet connection interruptions will be kept to a minimum and notified to territorial safety officers early on


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The infrastructure that supports the wired network connections of CERN’s campus network is ageing and cannot support the network services CERN needs today – in particular, the “Internet of Things” and the growth in the number of “smart devices” deployed across the campus. The IT Department’s Communication Systems group will thus be completely renovating the network over the next two years.

As a first stage in this upgrade, network connections have been reorganised over the past few months. Now that Wi-Fi use has significantly increased thanks to the installation of a proper site-wide Wi-Fi, over 120 network switches have been removed, representing some 10% of the total deployed across the site. The installation team took advantage of the reduced presence on site during the past few months to undertake this work without causing disruption to users but, as they start replacing the switches that are still needed, some interruption to services cannot be avoided.

This work will start now and will complete by the end of 2022. Whenever possible, switch replacements will be scheduled at the beginning or end of the working day and, as usual, the Territorial Safety Officers (TSOs) will be contacted to make sure building occupants are aware of the upcoming interventions.

Remember that if you change to using Wi-Fi then you won’t be concerned by any of this. And by switching to Wi-Fi you’ll also be helping to save CERN money by reducing the number of wired connections that need to be supported.

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