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Change concerning Windows users: Home Directories will be transferred to CERNBox

As previously announced at the IT Users Meeting (ITUM), the migration of Windows Home Directories* from DFS to CERNBox is planned for 2019.

What does that mean?
The servers storing your data will be replaced.

What does it change for you?
Daily tasks on your Windows computer(s) won’t really change: clicking on the usual shortcuts such as Documents will simply target the new location. 

Why change?
DFS has been used for many years but this storage system no longer answers current mobility needs. More and more we work on multiple devices, both on CERN sites and outside CERN. This is a trend seen globally outside CERN as well, hence the emergence of cloud file stores.

So, responding to these evolving needs, CERNBox will be used to replace DFS to store Windows Home Folders, and to offer new functionalities. And from the data protection perspective, we undertake to support the full spectrum of data classifications.

Finally what’s new?
CERNBox includes many interesting features such as:

  • Web access
  • Collaborative online editing of documents
  • Easy sharing
  • Local copy of your files
  • Synchronisation available from everywhere over the Internet
  • Data available from any kind of device

How will this migration happen?
You will receive an email a few days prior to the migration with a date at which your machine will be targeted to install a CMF package called “DFS to CERNBox Migration”.

You will then be able to launch this package at the moment of your choice on the given date.

The full process requires two restarts and can take up to one hour depending on the size of data you have stored on DFS and your machine configuration.

If the forced migration date does not fit your professional constraints, please contact us on dfs-to-cernbox-migration-supporters@cern.ch to define a more appropriate schedule.

*Home Directories are the default locations for Documents, Pictures, Videos, Music, Links, and Favourites.