Help reshape the Office of Data Privacy’s website

Help reshape the Office of Data Privacy’s website
(Image: Gerd Altmann)

When looking for information about data protection at CERN, you may have already consulted the website of the Office of Data Privacy (ODP).

It was set up over two years ago, before CERN introduced its data-protection framework, to provide the CERN community with practical details about the subject and to raise awareness.

Many things have evolved in the meantime: the implementation of Operational Circular no. 11 is advancing well, and several measures have been put in place to make sure that data protection becomes a habit of everybody at CERN who deals with personal data.

The current website needs to be spruced up. A review of its content and its presentation is necessary to reflect the work that has been done so far. And the upcoming discontinuation of the underlying Drupal 7 platform is the perfect opportunity to perform a comprehensive overhaul.

The ODP aims for a new website that is not only easy on the eyes, but that also provides you with the information – theoretical and practical – about data protection that you need to carry out your daily activities.

Therefore, the ODP would like to know your expectations and requirements. Tell us what details about data protection are important to you. Get inspired by the current website: What do you like and dislike? Is something missing or superfluous? What can be improved?

You might have been informed about this project by your Departmental Data Protection Coordinator. If you have not yet conveyed your feedback to them, please use the web form that is available on the ODP’s website allowing you to share your feedback with the ODP. The deadline is the 29 May.

Gabriele Thiede and Miguel Coelho dos Santos
Office of Data Privacy