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Video conference: VidyoConnect to replace current clients

As part of our effort to upgrade the Vidyo infrastructure to the latest release and following results from the testing1 of the new VidyoConnect client that replaces VidyoDesktop, we plan to switch to VidyoConnect on 7 August. Whenever you start a new VidyoConference after that date you will have the choice to use the web version client of VIdyoConnect on a browser, from any platform, or to install the new VidyoConnect desktop client for Mac and Windows users. From 7 August, Linux users will only be proposed to use the web browser version of VidyoConnect that is supported by both Chrome and Firefox web browsers.

For Mobile users, as of 7 August the VidyoMobile app will not allow you to connect to your meetings and you will be required to switch to the new VidyoConnect Mobile app2 on your device as of that day. This app is available on the Google Play Store or on the Apple App Store (it can be downloaded but cannot be used to connect to meetings before 7 August).

In case of any issue please contact the helpdesk.

The CERN video conference team

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