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CERN/NASA Summit: “Accelerating the Adoption of Open Science”


In celebration of the 2023 Year of Open Science, CERN and NASA are jointly organizing “Accelerating the Adoption of Open Science”, a week long open science summit at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, from 10 to 14 July 2023. This event will bring together relevant stakeholders in the physical sciences and international policy makers (e.g. UNESCO, European Commission). The diverse range of attendees will exchange experiences, ideas, and expertise, towards promoting open science policies and practices and to develop practical action plans to implement Open Science practices that are fit for both context and purpose. 

The summit will feature a combination of online plenary sessions and panel discussions (that will be open for anyone to attend and contribute to), and more focused workshop sessions in which invited participants from universities, research institutions and funding agencies will be encouraged to further develop their action plans collaboratively. By the end of the week, attending institutions should be further along the path of establishing open science as the dominant norm for research practice at their relevant institutional and national settings.

Attendance to the workshops associated with this event will be limited to 80 people, and will consist primarily of invited individuals. A limited number of slots will be available for conference registrants for in-person workshop participation. Allocation of these will prioritize applicants that meet certain criteria, which includes: institutional responsibility to advance open science policy and practices; practitioners of open science at universities/research institutions; representatives of national/international/intergovernmental organizations with a remit to promote open science practices; members of the research community focused on issues relating to open science, etc. Registration for the event will open on 5th April 2023.

For questions, please contact: open-science-summit2023@cern.ch