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40 years of physics in the North Area

CERN will host a scientific symposium to celebrate 40 years of physics with the SPS

40 years of physics in the North Area
(Image: CERN)

Fixed-target experiments have a long history at CERN, forming essential building blocks in the physics landscape, in parallel to collider facilities. For 40 years, the Super Proton Synchrotron (SPS) has provided a steady stream of high-energy proton beams to the North Area at the Prévessin site, feeding a wide variety of experiments. A symposium will be held at CERN to celebrate this hub of experiments, which have been exploring many fundamental questions and will continue to enrich the programme of the Laboratory.

North Area 40th anniversary celebration
Wednesday 3 April, 2.00 pm
Main Auditorium

Information and registration here