LIU 2013: Injector teams present status

Today at CERN, physicists and engineers from the LHC-injector accelerators presented their plans for upgrades during long shutdown


In CERN Council chamber today, physicists and engineers from the LHC injector accelerators presented their plans for the first Long Shutdown (LS1) of the accelerator complex.

The goal of the LHC Injectors Upgrade (LIU) project is prepare to reliably deliver proton beams to meet the goals of the High Luminosity LHC, planned for after "Long Shutdown 2" in around 2021.

In his welcome address, LIU project leader Roland Garoby pointed out that though the goal is apparently simple, LIU involves most of the accelerators at CERN, and requires close collaboration between many groups at CERN. Linac 4, the Proton Synchroton booster, the Proton Synchroton, the Super Proton Synchroton, and the heavy-ion chain are all working hard towards the upgrades.

During its second year, in 2012, the preparation of the upgrades of the LHC Injectors progressed well. The injector teams learned to understand many aspects of beam performance, and defined ways of mitigating performance limitations. Major steps forward were made in the design and test of future equipment.

For details, see the presentation slides on Indico