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ATLAS celebrates dedicated & creative collaboration members


Group photo

Winners of the 2018 ATLAS Outstanding Achievement Awards, together with ATLAS spokesperson Karl Jakobs, Collaboration Board Chair Max Klein and Awards Committee Chair Jim Pilcher (Image: E. Ward/CERN)

On 11 October 2018, ATLAS celebrated the outstanding achievements of 15 of its collaboration members with an awards ceremony. Established in 2014, the Outstanding Achievement Awards give recognition to excellent contributions made to the collaboration in all areas, excluding physics analysis. This year’s awards celebrated remarkable contributions to the measurement of jet energy and missing transverse momentum; the ITK upgrade project; the development, deployment and commissioning of the trigger burst-stopper for the ATLAS level-1 endcap muon system; the online luminosity software; the commissioning of the level-1 Topo trigger; and software development and deployment.

“Within the ATLAS collaboration, huge efforts go into making the detector function seamlessly”, says Jim Pilcher, Awards Committee Chair. “We sought to reward the people who have made dramatic improvements to the operation and understanding of our detector, thus improving the quality of our measurements.” 


Read the full article published in ATLAS News on 15 October.