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Ban Ki-moon visits CERN

On 1 March, UN’s Secretary-General visited CERN first since the Organization was granted Observer status at the UN General Assembly last December


Ban Ki-moon visits CERN

UN's Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, learns more about the ATLAS experiment from Professor Dave Charlton

Last Friday, Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, visited CERN for the first time after the Organization was granted Observer status at the United Nations General Assembly last December.
Mr Ban visited underground areas at the LHC and UNOSAT, the UN technology-intensive programme hosted by CERN to deliver imagery analysis and satellite solutions to relief and development organizations.
The visit offered the opportunity to discuss CERN’s contribution to science-related UN activities such as ECOSOC, the United Nations platform on economic and social issues. CERN will be contributing on the theme of young women in science to ECOSOC’s Youth Forum on 27 March and will be taking part in ECOSOC meetings in Geneva in July. Mr Ban and CERN’s Director-general also discussed the role of the Secretary-General’s recently established science advisory board.