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Celebrate Dark Matter Day at CERN Science Gateway

On 3 November, Nobel laureate Michel Mayor and other scientists will shed light on the dark side of the sky to celebrate Dark Matter Day 2023 at CERN


CERN pubic event poster

Dark Matter Day 2023 will be celebrated at CERN Science Gateway, uncovering mysteries of exoplanets, black holes and dark matter.

Look up at the sky – there is a vast part of the Universe that we don’t know much about, full of mysteries yet to unravel. To celebrate Dark Matter Day 2023, CERN is pleased to invite the public to explore the latest discoveries in the dark cosmos, from exoplanets to black holes and dark matter, at the Organization’s new flagship education and outreach facility, CERN Science Gateway, with Nobel prize laureate and Swiss astronomer Michel Mayor and scientists from CERN and ESO. The public event will be hosted by Paola Catapano and simultaneous interpreting into English and French will be provided.

Dark Matter Day celebrations globally are organised by the Interactions collaboration, whose catchline for the day is “Everyone loves a mystery”. CERN’s celebrations will help shed light on those mysteries by exploring the visible sky, the discovery of 5000 new solar systems, the dark side of the Universe, and many other such intriguing topics.

How do we know dark matter is out there? Two LHC experiments, ATLAS and CMS, will share what it takes to see and study the invisible. Through a live connection with the Paranal Observatory and the ALMA Observatory in Chile, we will hear from ESO scientists working at the largest and most advanced telescopes on the planet.

You can register to attend the event at CERN Science Gateway here or tune in for the live webcast from across the world. This Halloween season, explore all things light to darkness with CERN and other organisations celebrating Dark Matter Day!

Watch a video of CERN scientists answering questions on dark matter submitted by CERN’s Instagram followers during Dark Matter Day 2021.