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CERN’s mental health resources


CERN’s mental health resources
(Image: CERN)

Human beings are resourceful and skilful. We are resilient and capable of adapting. However, the many constraints and uncertainties associated with the current pandemic create stress and emotions that can put our inner balance and our mental health to the test.

Tips for coping:

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself: it’s important to understand that we may not be feeling great at times and that this is perfectly legitimate. We can’t always be physically and mentally at our best, nor can we give our all on every front. It’s also legitimate to want to feel better, and resources are at hand to help.
  • Find out what tools are available, mobilise your resources: advice on how to look after your health can be found at: https://hse.cern/content/find-support-covid-19

The Medical Service will be regularly sharing other tips for getting through the pandemic, from articles in the CERN Bulletin to workshops on Zoom, which the target audiences will be informed about in good time through the appropriate channels.

  • Need help or support? If you feel that you would benefit from talking professional or personal matters through with a professional, don’t hesitate to contact us. The Medical Service offers all members of the personnel (MPE and MPA) first-line psychological counselling. Appointments with our psychologists, Katia Schenkel and Sébastien Tubau, are free of charge and strictly confidential: https://hse.cern/content/psychologist

Remember, your general health also relies on your mental health.