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Home.cern, CERN Courier: New online resources on the Higgs boson

What’s so special about the Higgs boson? Why should I care? What’s next? If these questions torment you, head straight to home.cern.


Artistic view of the Higgs field
A graphic artistic view of the Brout-Englert-Higgs Field (Image: CERN)

Needless to say, working at CERN has not turned all of us into particle physics experts. So if the celebrations of the anniversary of the Higgs boson discovery have your brow sweating in terror at the thought of being asked to describe spontaneous symmetry breaking in the Standard Model of Particle Physics, fear no more: the communication group within IR-ECO (Education, Communication and Outreach) has devised a nifty new webpage dedicated to the Higgs boson and indexing the most common questions surrounding its nature and the research conducted to break its secrets. Whether you need short fact-sheet-type nuggets of information on various aspects of the Higgs boson or in-depth explainers, the Higgs boson page has you covered.

In parallel, the “Higgs10” CERN Bulletin pieces covering the past decades of Higgs boson research, indexed here, will allow you to revise your particle physics and CERN history. Two additional pieces, delving into Higgs research after the 2012 discovery, will close the series in the coming issues of the CERN Bulletin.

Finally, the July/August issue of the CERN Courier, dedicated to the anniversary of the discovery, offers an expert insight into Higgs boson research. You will find all new articles on the Courier's website