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Internal communications survey: change the way you get informed on CERN matters! (reminder)

Take this 5-minute survey to help us improve CERN’s internal communication channels, with a particular focus on the CERN Bulletin


CERN Meyrin site aerial views
Aerial view of the CERN Meyrin site (Image: CERN)

With 57 years and counting behind it, the CERN Bulletin has been the Laboratory’s internal newsletter for most of its existence. Since the days when a print copy was distributed to each office, the Laboratory and its community have changed a lot, and the Bulletin has always adapted to keep up with this evolution and growth. In parallel, new ways of keeping you informed have budded over the years, such as departmental newsletters, internal screens and panels at the sites’ entrances. In the light of the profound changes that CERN is currently undergoing, we think that the time has come for all these communication channels to be rethought and reshaped, to ease access to information, better engage with you and promote the feeling of community that we hold dear.

Help us make this happen by taking this 5-minute survey.

In this survey, you will be asked to share the ways you get informed on CERN news and matters, and your opinions on the various internal communication channels. We strongly encourage you to participate even if you have never read the CERN Bulletin: it is about finding new ways of keeping you engaged in CERN and its mission and of delivering all the information that you need in a timely manner. We think every member of our community can benefit from this.

Your personal data will be processed only until it is downloaded and anonymised. The analysis of the survey and the presentation of the results will be completely anonymous. The collected data will be used exclusively in the framework of the evaluation campaign. Click here for the privacy notice.