Lift15 - tickets available for CERN people

This year's Lift conference will feature events led by the CERN community. Limited free tickets are available for CERN people

The Lift conference is one of Europe’s key events about innovation and digital technologies. This year's conference – Feb. 4–6 2015 at CICG, Geneva – will feature a special blend of inspiring speeches by some of the world’s best speakers, truly interactive workshops, exhibitions of interactive media projects, prototypes to play with and more. Lift15 will also see two events involving members of the CERN community:

  • The Fantastic New World of Mister Higgs: an interactive workshop led by Tuuli Utraiainen, from CERN's IdeaSquare, together with Dominic Robson from HEAD Media Design. The event will look at speculative applications from CERN's discoveries and innovations (beyond the World Wide Web), and explore how designers can work with scientists to expose and communicate these potential futures. 
  • New techniques in science storytelling: a Masterclass given by participants of the 2014 Storytelling Hackathon held at CERN in the framework of CineGlobe. If you've ever wondered how storytelling can be applied to “non-narrative” concepts, especially those of technical or scientific nature, this is your chance to find it out. 

Lift15 will also feature the European Space Agency, with many of their top researchers, space analysts and project leaders giving presentations at Lift15. Further highlights include a hands-on Masterclass with Simon Lynen on Google's next-generation 3D phones and more. For more information on the conference visit their site

As an academic partner of the conference, CERN has 7 free tickets available for internal distribution. If you wish to participate in Lift15, send an email to The tickets will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. No more tickets are available.