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Open Days: Practical information

Practical and access information about the CERN Open Days

During the Open Days, on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 September, some 40 surface activities will take place on both the Meyrin and Prévessin sites.

These activities require parking place reservations to allow the placing of tents and marquees. On the attached maps, as well on the GS web site (here for Meyrin site and here for Prévessin site), you will find information on:

  • Extra parking areas available as of 19 September;
  • Existing parking areas with places potentially available;
  • Parking places made unavailable due to the installation of tents. The length of time these places will be unavailable is mentioned on the maps.

Note that during the Open Days:

Because of the high volume of visitors expected, only disabled people, volunteers and persons on stand-by duty will be allowed to access and park on CERN sites. It is strongly recommended that you use public transportation and the CERN Open Day shuttle service.

Roadblocks will be in place to restrict traffic between 8am to 9pm; the RD-35 (FR), which serves the Prévessin site, will be closed to traffic. The Route de Meyrin (CH) and the RD-984 (FR), which link the Mandement (CH) and Saint-Genis-Pouilly (FR) roundabouts, will also be closed.

The Open Day organizing team apologises for any inconvenience and thanks you for your participation in the success of the Open Days. 

Practical information and access information can be found at: http://opendays2013.web.cern.ch