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Photo contest: « Background challenge », show us your Home Office!

Submit your best background photos on the dedicated website, from April 1st to April 13th

Ewa in her peaceful and quiet home office, as part of the "Background challenge" contest (Image: CERN)

Just like Ewa on this photo, you might have settled in a rather hectic home office. And thanks to the magic of video calls, your colleagues can enjoy glimpses of your new work environment, sparking admiration, perplexity or hilarity. If you feel the urge to share some of these glimpses, now’s your chance! Our “Background Challenge” photo competition is for you. It is an opportunity for the community to come together and share moments from our lives of confinement.

From April 1st (rest assured that it is a fully April fools-proof contest), you will be asked to submit one and only one selfie with the background of your home office. What your coworkers see during videocalls, or what you attempt to hide from them… Everything happens on this website. Creativity and inventiveness will of course be appreciated. If you still work on site at CERN, you’re welcome to take part in the competition by posting a selfie from your workplace. You can also post a few words either to describe your work environment or your working life during these peculiar times.

Submissions will close on Monday April 13th and a weeklong voting period will follow, where you’ll be asked to vote for the photo that catches your interest the most. The lucky winners will be covered in glory, in the form of a social media post dedicated to their photograph and a CERN t-shirt.

Visit the dedicated website here.

Mathieu, member of the CERN Fire and Rescue service, on duty in the Safety Control Room (Image: CERN)