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Quadrupoles are red, dipoles are blue…


Graphic of Happy Valentine's Day

Image: Daniel Dominguez/CERN

CERN community: this Valentine’s Day we’re asking you to compose an ode to technology.

Send us your CERN-related Valentine’s poem, written in English or French, and we’ll publish our favourites in the next Bulletin. We’ll also give a prize to the poem that we like the best. Poems must be a maximum of 20 lines, and the more CERN-specific the better. 

Here are our attempts to get you started:

Quadrupoles are red
Dipoles are blue
CERN’s magnets are cool
They’re attractive too

Protons are red,
Electrons are blue,
There’s neutrons as well
But you are my glu(on)
There once was an experimentalist,
Who was a great friend of a theorist.
She said to him:
“I give thee this ring”
And LHC made them their happiest.

Send your poem to bulletin-editors@cern.ch by midnight CET on Sunday, 25 February. Please note that you must have a CERN email address to enter.

By taking part in this competition, you accept that your poem may be published in the next CERN Bulletin. If you wish, you can request that we publish it anonymously.

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