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TEDxCERN “breaks the rules” today

CERN’s third TEDxCERN event – “Breaking the Rules” – showcases personalities who break the mould to improve our lives

TEDxCERN “breaks the rules” today

Today’s TEDxCERN is breaking the rules (Image: CERN)

Today CERN hosts its third TEDxCERN event with the theme “Breaking the Rules”. Providing a platform for visionaries in fields such as science, novel technologies and education, the event will take place on the CMS experiment  site in Cessy, France, and will be webcast live from 2.30pm CEST on the TEDxCERN website. You can join in the action via social media using the hashtag #TEDxCERN.

TEDxCERN 2015 will showcase speakers who break the mould to improve our lives, proposing innovative solutions for the future that take into account today’s limitations. The programme is split into two sessions, “rule breakers” and “visionaries”. Among the rule breakers, Linda Liukas, the founder of Rails Girls and author of Hello Ruby, will speak about her initiatives designed to introduce women and children to programming, while the founder of Labster, Michael Bodekaer, will explain how he motivates students with pioneering teaching tools such as immersive 3D virtual worlds and laboratories. The visionary speakers include Neil Gershenfeld, the founder of Fab Lab, who will explain how new technologies, such as 3D printing, are contributing to social change, and Rachel Armstrong will make the case for turning to chemistry and synthetic biology to create more durable habitable structures. In addition, CERN has worked together with TED-Ed animators to produce a new animation, shown below. 

In this TED-Ed animation, “Gold”, David Lunney of ISOLDE explains that the origin of gold is Supernovas.

These are just a few examples of the subjects that this TEDxCERN event, sponsored by Rolex, will tackle today.

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