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CERN’s IT Consultancy team can help

CERN IT experts provide advice on IT and computing for all CERN communities


CERN’s IT Consultancy team* (Image: Liviu Valsan, Eduardo Alvarez Fernandez/CERN)

Created in 2016, CERN’s IT Consultancy team provides a point of contact to help people understand the landscape of IT activities and services at CERN. The team helps with the architecture and design of computing systems and services in order to optimise the use of resources across the Organization.

The team also helps to define requirements and assess their impact on security, data privacy protection, software and licences, including the cost of cloud licences, particularly when the requirements span several different services or the requests go beyond the scope of the computing services currently offered.

Since 2016, CERN’s IT Consultancy team has addressed over 90 requests spanning a large number of IT fields. “We have one objective: to avoid reinventing the IT wheel, so that different teams don’t replicate existing services”, says Jaroslava Schovancová, IT consultant. “We want to suggest solutions that can be easily integrated into the existing computing infrastructure.”

The consultants* are experts in various fields from the CERN IT department. They collaborate closely with the CERN IT service managers, as well as the Computer Security, Data Privacy Protection, Software Licence and Cloud Licence Offices.

Do not hesitate to contact them by submitting a request to the “IT Consulting Service” service element in the CERN Service Portal or by sending an e-mail to it-consulting@cern.ch.


The CERN IT Consultancy team


* Eduardo Alvarez Fernandez (IT-CDA), Vincent Bippus (IT-CDA), Xavier Espinal Curull (IT-DI), Arash Khodabandeh (IT-DB), Véronique Lefébure (IT-CS), Sebastian Łopieński (IT-DI), Ignacio Reguero (IT-CM, Coordinator), Jaroslava Schovancová (IT-CM), Bruno Silva de Sousa (IT-CDA) and Liviu Vâlsan (IT-DI).