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Computer Security: Music, Videos and the Risk for CERN

If you want to listen to music or watch movies at CERN, make sure that you own the proper rights to do so


Do you like listening to music while you work? What about watching videos during your leisure time at CERN? Sure this is fun. Having your colleagues participate in this is even more fun. However, this fun is usually not free. There are artists and the music and movie companies who earn their living from music and videos.

Thus, if you want to listen to music or watch movies at CERN, make sure that you own the proper rights to do so (and that you have the agreement of your supervisor to do this during working hours). Note that these rights are personal: you usually do not have the right to share music or videos with third parties without violating copyrights. Therefore, making copyrighted music and videos public, or sharing music and videos as well as other copyrighted material, is forbidden at CERN and outside CERN. It violates the CERN Computing Rules and it contradicts CERN's Code of Conduct, which expects each of us to behave ethically and honestly, and to credit others for their contribution. Copyright violation is also illegal in different ways in different European and other countries, including in two CERN host states.

Violating copyright is not a trivial offense. Sharing music or videos via the CERN network or from CERN computers will reflect back on the Organization and shed a bad light on all of us. Therefore, help keep CERN's reputation and integrity protected. Respect copyright! Users violating these rules may face serious consequences, including the involvement of their supervisor and, if applicable, the payment of any (financial) compensation as CERN will decline any costs of the infraction.

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