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Donation of CERN computing equipment to Egypt

Donation of servers to Fayoum University in Egypt marks the sixteenth donation of CERN computing equipment

Photo shooting computer equipment for donation to El-Fayoum University, Egypt
The donated equipment has been prepared for shipment in building 133 (Image: CERN)

Computing equipment donated to Fayoum University has left CERN on 16 June for Egypt.

117 servers from the CERN computing centre and six network switches were donated to Fayoum University. The donation included more than three thousands processor cores for computing, and more than 1000 terabytes for storage.

Fayoum University is part of the Egyptian Network for High Energy Physics (ENHEP) and became a CMS member in 2010. The equipment donated will be instrumental in the creation of a facility supporting scientific analyses, providing storage data space for scientific experiments and for performing Monte Carlo simulations. The created centre will ultimately join the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG).

Since 2012, CERN has regularly donated computing equipment that no longer meets its highly specific requirements on efficiency but is still more than adequate for less exacting environments. To date, a total of 2252 servers and 129 network switches have been donated by CERN to countries and international organisations, namely Algeria, Bulgaria, Ecuador, Egypt, Ghana, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Palestine, Pakistan, the Philippines, Senegal, Serbia, and the SESAME laboratory in Jordan.


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