AMS to present latest results

At a seminar at CERN today at 5pm CET, the AMS collaboration will announce its first physics results. Watch the webcast here

In a seminar at CERN today at 5pm CET, the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) collaboration will announce the publication of its first physics results.

Watch a webcast of the seminar here.

The AMS experiment is the most powerful and sensitive particle physics spectrometer ever deployed in space. The detector, which was assembled at CERN, is located on the outside of the International Space Station.

Since its installation on 19 May 2011 it has measured over 30 billion cosmic rays at energies up to trillions of electron volts. Its permanent magnet and array of precision particle detectors collect and identify charged cosmic rays passing through AMS from the far reaches of space.

Over its long-duration mission on the Space Station, AMS will record signals from 16 billion cosmic rays every year and transmit them to Earth for analysis by the AMS collaboration. Data are received by NASA in Houston, and then relayed to the AMS Payload Operations Control Centre at CERN for analysis.

This is the first of many physics results to be reported.