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New permanent ALICE exhibition inaugurated

Located at ALICE’s experiment site, the exhibition is now open for guided tours


New permanent ALICE exhibition inaugurated

Part of the new ALICE exhibition (Image: Kate Kahle/CERN)

On 17 January, the ALICE collaboration inaugurated a new permanent exhibition at its visits point at the experiment site (LHC point 2). Designed primarily for the general public and for high-school and university students, the new installation will be open for guided tours, making visits to ALICE possible even when the experiment cavern is not accessible. It will also be included in the official itineraries for tours organised by the CERN Visits Service.

Developed by the Spanish company Indissoluble – which also designed and built the current Microcosm – the exhibition includes three main components: a full-scale mock-up of part of the detector, display cases and information screens, and a periscope that shows the underground cavern in real time.

The highlight of the exhibition is the immersive video projected all along the mock-up and the adjacent wall. The film presents the history of ALICE and how the experiment works.

“It is my pleasure to present the new ALICE exhibition and pass it into the hands of the ALICE collaboration and CERN’s Visits Service,” declared spokesperson Federico Antinori at the inauguration. “I really want to acknowledge and thank all the people who followed the project through to completion and made this possible”.

As of now, the exhibition is officially open to people at CERN and to the general public for guided visits. Training sessions for guides are being organised.

To visit the new ALICE exhibition, contact alice-visits@cern.ch

A 360-degree view of the new ALICE exhibition (Image: Maximilien Brice, Julien Ordan/CERN)