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CERN against COVID-19 – Join the #VersusVirus hackathon

With CERN in safe mode, there’s much the community can do to help the local and global effort to combat COVID-19, starting now with the #VersusVirus hackathon

VersusVirus hackathon
(Image: #versusvirus)

The task force established to coordinate CERN’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been flooded with good ideas ranging from practical ways that CERN can help the local logistical effort, to deploying resources ranging from 3D printing to computing infrastructure to help deliver equipment for personal protection, primary care and research. Over the coming days, we’ll be putting up information on all the initiatives we’re engaging with on the CERN website, but in the meantime, there’s an online hackathon that we can all get involved with right now.

The #VersusVirus online hackathon is an initiative of the Swiss government, and it encourages anyone from any background to join. It takes place over 48 hours from 3-5 April. Registration is open until 2 April if you want to take part, and if you have a challenge that you’d like to submit, you have until 23:59UTC on 31 March to do so.

Challenges can come from all areas of society and cover any topic that the current pandemic is making challenging. Full details of how to get involved are at https://www.versusvirus.ch in English, French, German and Italian.